viernes, 2 de mayo de 2008


A Seed

Every act, every word, every smile, every look is a seed. Every one of them has a vital power within. Thus, always, try that your seed would fall in the open path of the heart of men, and keep on watching how it grows. Also try, that your seed would be like wheat, that feeds the world and that it would not produce thorns or weeds that would leave sterile souls.

Some time you wil plant your seed in pain, but don´t worry it would bear joyful fruits. Sometimes you will plant your seed crying, but, who knows if your tears would be the blessed water which would help your seed to germinate?

If dawn is here and a new day has born, greet it and sow your seed. If there´s the suffocatting sun hour, open your hand an throw your seed. Is it sunset and the sun is going down? Raise a prayer, and plant your seed... If you are a child, plant your seed, so that you will harvest the fruit with your own hands. If you are an adult, sow your seed... and maybe you will not harvest the fruit, but your children will.

Every act, every word, every smile, every look, will grow according to the way you have planted it. Go on and throw your seed, open the soil and saw. And when the afternoon of your life comes, you will face death with full armas and a big smile, as the sower who having ended his labor, goes with his blessed harvest and smiling towards his home, when his beloved family is waiting for him. Every act, every word, every smile, every look is a seed.

And don´t forget to always:
“Sow the seed of love"

by Henry Leguizamo

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