viernes, 2 de mayo de 2008



Be water, overflowing water, abundant, pure, crystalline, for those who are thirst of love, of strenght, of support.

Be a shore... a shore to the arriving souls, those who are tired, hugging and receiving them with love, those who are lost. For those who need a resting place from the world, for those who want to leave their burden behind. Be also a departing shore, for those who need to sail for a better life, inspire them to look for better shores, with renewed hope.

Be a bridge... To connect earthly life with eternal life. In order to be a bridge you have to understand, to forgive and to let people pass through you towards the infinite love.

Be a way... A long, and exquisite way. Be a guiding path, to take the pilgrims of life to the truth. Them with thankful hearts, then will plant flowers besides you.

Be a star... A shining star, which enlightens freely those who approach you. Be a guiding star, for those who sail in life and get lost. Be a higher star, to show everybody the path to happiness.

Be pouring rain... To soak dried hearts, empty of love, hope and peace. Rain is always expected, because it´s from it, that depends the subsistance of humankind.

Be a tree... a big tree, which bears fruit for those who are hungry. Spread your shadow, and refresh those tired pilgrims of life. Because if you are a tree, your roots are deep and solid. Your arms enlarge, to hug those needed of love, you produce flowers to decorate the soul of somebody and you have the necessary strenght to face and endure strong winds and storms and remain planted and standing.

by Henry Leguizamo

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