viernes, 2 de mayo de 2008


Don´t Give Up

Do not abandon hope. Hope gives you the strenght to keep on going, whenever you feel that nothing matters anymore. Don´t ever stop believing in God. As long as you believe, you will have a reason to keep on trying.

Don´t let anybody take happiness from your hands, grab it in your own so that it will always be with you. Don´t expect that those things you wish, would come to you. But, look for them with all of your heart, knowing that life will meet you in half the way to achieve them.

Don´t feel that you have lost your dreams and goals, when you feel that there´s no time to reach them. Because everytime you learn something new about yourself, or about life, you have advanced. Don´t you ever do anything to diminish your self respect. To be satisfied with yourself is essential to be satisfied with your own life.

Don´t ever forget to laugh, don´t let pride stop you from crying. When we laugh and cry, is when we are really leaving to the fullest. Always keep a clear mind with fresh ideas. And most of all, don´t you ever lose your optimism, that is basic to keep on going.

by Henry Leguizamo

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