viernes, 2 de mayo de 2008



There were moments in our lives we rather didn´t want to have lived, but, as time goes bye we realize that those were necessary. That nothing happens just because, and that God has all wisely planned.

There were moments in which we cryed and thought that our sadness wouldn´t have an end, but now we are surprisingly laughing again.

There were moments in which we tought that we didn´t have any friend, when we face betrayal, but now, we look around and we see kind faces smiling at us with lots of love.

There were moments in whiche we thought we never end our studies and achieve our goals and Career. But, now, we have many experience gained through the years in our field.

There were moments when we thought that nobody would understand us, and we felt so alone, but suddenly someone came, someone who could read our heart perfectly.

There were moments in which we thought that God had left us alone. But today, we know that He has always been by our side, and that we were the ones who left him apart. That is why we should be grateful for all those moments, because without them we wouldn´t have learned to value so many things, those things we sometimes lacked of.

Present time gives us the answer that we didn´t understand in the past. We wouldn´t have learned to forgive, if we wouldn´t have been hurt. We wouldn´t have learn to organize our finances if we wouldn´t have gone through a bad financial period. We wouldn´t have learned to comfort, if we wouldn´t have had the need of being comforted. And most of all, we wouldn´t have learnt to trust God and his fidelity, if we wouldn´t have lived the despair and the need of having him in our lives.

That is why if there were moments that you were in denial, arguing and quarreling with God. Or maybe you are doing it right now, lift up your sight and your heart, and instead of being mad with God, thank him for those profound lessons you are learning.

Since my youth, oh God you have taught me
and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds.
(Psalms 71:17).

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