viernes, 2 de mayo de 2008


Don´t forget them

It´s so usual, that as long as years go bye, people become apart from their beloved relatives, maybe because they have grown up, maybe because of an overload of work, or perhaps, simply because they have a family of their own.

It happens mostly when our children are born, people tend to dedicate all the time to family and forget about friends and relatives. Even though this is the time when they most need the company of them. Isn´t it ironical? Nonetheless, it´s when people has hard times, such as job lost, divorce, that those relatives or friends are the ones to give support. And then, the ties bond again and we recover touch with those that we love.

Ok, it´s not that we have to wait that something bad happens in our lives, so that we get close to the loved ones. Someone told me once "look, even God said that when we marry, we have to leave our parents and go with our wife. So you go away, leaving them apart and forgetting them". But, this is not the realm meaning of what God says in his word, He don´t tell us to abandon our family or even forget about them.

We find in scriptures, commandments with blessing promises within, which surpasses the mere concept of forgetting about our relatives. It was the heart of God where the concept of family was born, so that He commands us to care and love our relatives.

Friendship, as well as love, is a feeling to care for, and to preserve. Interpresonal relationships are dynamic, and grow as well as people grow. So, it´s necessary to design strategies to preserve the love "with our friends".

Leaving our beloved ones, is not something that happens just because, this is something that you let it happen. Quit that bad habit and do the best to keep closer those who you love.

You may use a portion of your time, lets say 20 minutes of your lunch time, to call your friens or family. Or if you can, you may email them. Short sms work too, so that the other person would feel you are thinkin of him/her. A simple call, a message in the answer machine are details which would make the other person aware of your care and that is still important to you. Don´t forget to offer and apology, or give a just reason of why you have been apart.

Forget about resentment and hard feelings. Leave behind that 20 year fight with your brother. Go to family meetings and share with them your experiences, your happy times and your worries. Ask your parents about their dreams before they got married, and don´t be afraid to ask for advice.

Be bold to show your real feelings, this would make you feel a strong connection with those you love. Hug your parentes, kiss your siblings, and tell them how much you miss them. Caress are fundamental to tell and motivate love, and a way to say without word what you have kept inside.

Forget for one day your daily role in life and go out to have fun with your parents. Take advantage of holidays to get together with your relatives, those who you have forgotten. It´s worthy to get closer to those we love and honor them, mostly with our parents.

Precisaly, the firs commandment with a blessing promise is:

Honor your father and mother
that it may go well with you
and that you may enjoy longlife
on the earth.
(Ephesians 6: 2-3)NIV

by Henry Leguizamo

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