viernes, 2 de mayo de 2008


The worth of our word

A "serious" person is the one speaks when he has to. If his acts go along with what he says and thinks, there´s a solid person ahead. All points to the same target. Behavior and feelings are one. We could then say that he is a trustable person. We can rely on him.

Although, we have to recognize that as humans we tend to fail. We are not that consecuent as we should be. We constantly forget about values and contradict ourselves time from time. And even when we talk about morals and eternal values, when it comes to action, we fail. Our attitude is rather rethorical than real.

People who acomplish a real cohesion between mind, conduct and affection, become extremely powerful, because problems tend to disappear. They don´t need to call for attention, search for position, status or power, their strenght comes from within. The energy of those who say what they think and act, makes the world tremble.

There is a tale about a British minister who was forced to resign. His quotation was "I quit because they are getting closer to my price". The utmost expression of honesty is to realize "I´m weak, but i wont´fail". It is possible that we all have a price, and sometimes we have to face the fact that decency lays more on acknowledging our weaknesses and face them with courage.

Some years ago, contractors didn´t sign any documents. Their word was enough to make a deal, it was like a blank signed check, available at any time. Those strange characters from 50 years ago didn´t use credit cards. Their lifestyle was the best business card and their personal history the best reference. Again the facts, there were also bad things on those years, but some values and honorable practices were well known. There was certain worry about being of good reputation, not only apparently, but there were respectable people back then: "How I act defines me as a person".

What it´s really important is not only who we are, but how we behave. When we fail in pieces, we become ambivalent and suspicious. Our daily life is more an issue of total quality. If by the morning I behave as a sanguinary man, and by the afternoon I became loving, it distorts reality, a clear short circuit. If I steal by dawn and give my offerings by the noon, I´m deceiving no one but myself. When what we say, doesn´t go along with what we do, there's only left an image of what it could have been in our life. Nothing else. A lie.

To be honest is to struggle in being clear and sincere. Almost transparent. It´s to think, act and feel in the same way, because we are convinced that it should be so. It´s to show ourselves without costumes, masks or emotional bribery: "This is what I am, and there is nothing to hide". In order to exercise the complex art of righteousness, we don´t need to be milimetric and rigid as a train rail. We only have to talk truth, and try, with courage and intention to shorten that exhaustive way which goes from "what we say... to what we do". It´s despairing to see people loose their trust in you, even when it happens with your own family.

The word of God advises:
Whatever is true, whatever is noble
whatever is right, whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is admirably...
do such things.

(Philippians 4:8)

A truthful witness
gives honest testimony
but a false witness tells lies.

(Proverbs 12:17).


by Henry Leguizamo

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