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We can´t no longer let our past destroy what God have for us in the present time. We should face our concealed problems, which treaten our future. We all have disabling concealed inner wounds.

No one is free of any inferiority.

We all know when we are missing something. That "something" is what we want to reach for. Even when we try our most, we can´t have it, it´s out of our reach. We go back. And even when we are ashamed, whe know we can´t have it. But, if we want to be free, we should be willing to face those problems, those who make other people run away. Peace only comes, when you challenge yourself, explore, and acknowledge those things that maybe you wouldn´t tell to your wife, friends or parents. It´s time to face up old sequels. They are enemies of your soul.

I´m not so worried about witchcraft or astrology. I´m not afraid of thiefs, burglars o rapists. I don´t want to be a victim of them, buth they are not my biggest worry. I don´t suffer from anxiety, thinking about the red, character, with horns and tail, and a trident in his hand. There´s something which keeps me struggling constantly, is the enemy within. My biggest concern, and worry, is the "enemy within myself".

If we would examine ourselves, we could se how many corrupt things are concealed in ourselves. Even those things we despise in other people. Oh, yes... we try to hide them, so that they don´t show up, but there they are, hidenn in the darkest corner of our our hearts. Under hard circumstances, this weaknesses, would come out, with devastating consequences. You may be surprised of who you are, if pushed by unfavourable circumstances. How many emotional mines are buried in the deepest part of our souls.

I apologize, if this matter bothers you. But it would be worst if you couldn´t see, all the tings that could hunt us from within. Generally, people could be hypocritical. We, usually condemn others for the things we are guilty of. The best weapon your enemy can use against us, is our inner self.

God challenge us in so many special and unique ways to help us realize how we really are, despite our weaknesses. Many of us are suffering due to manipulation. When we don´t have a goal to reach, it´s easy that other try to impose their ideas of who we are, o we are not, and what we should be doing. Manipulation results from the lack of purpose in our lives.

Anyone can write the agenda of your life, if you don´t know who you are. But you can face up your weaknesses and trace the map of your vulnerabilities, and then you will be prepared to resist the attack. If you are not ready, you will be telling yourself: "I never thought I could ever do such a thing" or simply "I neve thought I could be that mad" "How could I be so weak?"

Who are you? Who are you when nobody is watching you? That is the real you. ¿Who are you when you have washed out all the make up, when you don´t have an ego to deffend, when you no longer have something to prove?

I´m alone when surrounded by people who doesn´t know whoy I am. When I´m in the situation of not being capable of being myself, then I´m alone. And in this point is when God can work on us, when you are all alone. No one receives a visit in the operation room. When you are ready to go on a surgery, they don´t let anyone to go in with you, nor your wife, neither your children, or friends.

There was a man who was left alone... Jacob (Genesis 32: 24). But he wasn´t precisely alone... he was left alone. The Word says that someone who was with him was set apart. Someone, he thought he could trust went away. Someone, who he thought was his friend, deserted him.

And then he struggled and fight until dawn with a man, explains verse 24. Instead of being comforted, God face him. And in this point we could argue: "Oh no, Lord, you can´t be fighting against me, my wife is fighting against me, so my children, and my mind... and now you too!"

And God would say: "You are right. But I didn´t come to fight you, I came to face you, to challenge you. I came to fight with you, because I have a purpose for your life". The Word says: “Wounds from a friend can be trusted” (Proverbs 27: 6).

If your loyal friends hurt you, they do it because a good reason. Well, this is really the only way you can call them "friends under any circumstance", a trustable friend who is with you, not only because of interest. A good friend it´s the one who not always agrees with what you say or think. Or how powerful you can groan, o the strenght of your acts. A real friend is the one who will see you in the eye, and tell you "I´m listening to you but, you are still wrong" In the same way, God knows that if He don´t stop us, if He don´t save us from ourselves, we will reach the end of our lives and regret what we have done.

God has given you a wonderful gift. Life. What are you doing with it? Life, energy, strenght, power, thinking and creativity are flowing from your body right now. And if you are wasting all of these, God will make you stop and will help you fight for your life, to make you understand how blessed you are.

It´s us, who get older, or lose strenght. It´s not God. If you or me were like Jacob fighting against God in the middle of the night, maybe we would say something like this: "No, I´m not going to pray. I´m not ready to stop doing what I´m doing. I want to cheat, I like my ingenious mind. I don´t want to care for my wife. I don´t want to set some more time apart for my kids. I´m strong enough to do things by myself."

If you have been deeply wounded, and need help to rise up, and get out of those issues, you can ask yourself: "Have I been struggling against the only One who can lift me up? Have I, been fighting the Only one who can help me?


by Henry Leguizamo

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